Donate to vet-fest inc.

Donations are what allow us to serve veterans and their families! Without your help, the work we do would not be possible. Through your donations we are able to provide events such as Vet-Fest Extreme, Humanitarian Awards, and mental health services to veterans and first responders in our community.

Where do my donations go?

Your donations help VET-FEST deliver valuable resources to improve Veterans’ mental and physical health.

  • General donations are used at VET-FEST to support the patriotic events and activities that provide available awareness, supportive services and resources for our Veterans and their families in the community.
  • We also use your donations to maintain and support our transitional housing project for Veterans in Jonoesboro, GA.

What is VET-FEST Transitional Housing?

Georgia VET-FEST Inc. is proud to offer comfortable and accessible transitional housing for veterans who are struggling with civilian life.

With room to house up to 6 Veterans at our Jonesboro location, we also provide access to resources like a computer lab, a weight room, weekly meetings and classes, and personalized support through the transitional process.

In addition to supporting VET-FEST events, your donations will go towards the ongoing maintenance of the home and its services.

We accept donations of any amount, and with or without regularity. Every little bit helps, and we are very thankful to our donors who so very kindly support us! Too see the fruits of your donation, come out and see us at one of our many VET-FEST events!

All donations are eligible for a corresponding tax write-off! Please contact us after making your donation if you would like to take advantage of the write-off.

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$10.00 for each month

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Donations go to serving families through our local and national campaigns. Make your stand today, and choose to stand with our veterans. Donate today!

Your donations are always helpful to us. Food donations go towards feeding our volunteers during events, as well as providing food for our transitional housing program. Your merchandise can be raffled off during events, therefore increasing your exposure.Whatever we have, we can find a way to use it!


We hope to see you at one of our events soon!