Celebrating Heroes

Veterans, First Responders, and community Events

Based in Atlanta, GA, Vet-Fest is a veterans organization focused on events for Veterans, First responders, and ultimately, the community. Through our events, we aim to bring awareness and appreciation to those who have served our country. Get involved and come see what Vet-Fest is all about!




support our heroes!

U.S. Veterans died to suicide in 2019.‚Äč*

It is therefore more critical than ever that we support our Veterans and Heroes!

The work we do would not be possible without your help! Your donations help us host our yearly signature events, which, in addition to bringing veterans and the community together to have a good time, also allow Veterans to come in contact with services and help that they may have not known existed.

Any amount helps, and we are very thankful for our supporters and we hope to see you at one of our events!

For more information and to donate to Vet-Fest, check out our donation page!

Rudolf Valentino
WW2 Veteran