Celebrating Heroes

Veterans and First Responders Events

Based in Atlanta, GA, Vet-Fest is a veterans organization focused on veterans and first responders events. Through our events, we aim to bring awareness and appreciation to those who have served our country. Get involved and come see what Vet-Fest is all about!




Happening Now

Make Your Stand!

Make your stand this year! As you make you make your goals for the year, take the time to support the organizations you love! Vet-Fest is dedicated to supporting those who have served our nation but we need your help to do so. Consider donating to help us provide events and support to veterans and their families. 

Humanitarian Award Winner!

We recently got the opportunity to present Mrs. Deborah Anglin of Hearts to Nourish Hope with a Humanitarian Award! Mrs. Anglin has lead the organization Hearts to Nourish Hope for over 25 years, providing training, education, housing, food services, and a whole array of community initiatives aimed meaningful growth.

Sponsor Showcase

Huge thank you to Breathe Holistic Health & Wellness Spa for supporting our cause! Breathe Spa is a veteran-owned holistic wellness spa that provides tools, services, and education to support your healthy lifestyle journey. Learn how you can become a sponsor today!