Veterans, Frontliners, and community Events


Based in Atlanta, GA, Vet-Fest is a veterans organization focused on events for Veterans, First responders, and ultimately, the community. Through our events, we aim to bring services, awareness and appreciation to those who have served our country, through an initiative of Awareness for Mental Health.

Vet-Fest is also a fundraising platform that intends to assist and provide housing for veteran’s through our re-entry program, which expands to transitional housing for returning citizens. A portion of the finds raised go to our sister organizations Visions Institute and Visions Outreach.

Vet-Fest Inc. and its many partners continually organize and sponsor impactful community-wide events.  Our events successfully provide veterans with the opportunity to reconnect to their loved-ones, friends and to neighbors for fun and fellowship.



HEROES, UNITED is a Campaign that takes the initiative to inspire and show support to the Heroes inside and outside of the veterans’ community.

The campaign recognizes these outstanding frontliners, nurses, doctors, and community members, who have stepped into the gap to ensure this country remains strong and unified.

It is the mission of Vet-Fest to support and help our heroes: just like our military personnel, there are direct consequences that can impede their lives due to their loyal acts of courage.


Our organization relies on the support of different entities, from sponsors, to vendors, to volunteers, to plan and hold our events.

If you would like to support the Vet-Fest organization, please don’t hesitate to get involved today!