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Vet-Fest is a nonprofit organization providing events and activities of a patriotic nature to bring Veterans together in unity and camaraderie.

We have created templates that can be duplicated nationwide in collaboration with city, state and federal entities, allowing us to serve more veterans and their families.




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Red Tails History

The Red Tails History

In honor of Black History month, we wanted to put a spotlight on the Tuskegee Airmen. These men served their country as the first African American pilots to ever fly for the US military. Training in Tuskegee, Alabama, they first served in WWII escorting bombers deep into enemy territory. They were identified by their painted red tail wing, earning them the nickname “red tails”. Today the Tuskegee airmen serve as a symbol of perseverance amidst seemingly insurmountable odds. Their service and courage will not be forgotten.

Run. Fight. Win!

Join us for our annual veterans benefit 5k run. This year we will be raising funds for not just veterans but the frontline workers who have brought us through a very tough year. This event’s date will be announced soon, stay informed here and via our social media for updates.

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