OUR MISSION: To honor our military and their families for their courage service and sacrifice for this country,

OUR GOAL: To use our events and activities as a platform to offer services and resources to Veterans and their families

OUR VISION: To build  partnership with local, state and federal  government organizations, and the Veteran Administration (VA)

What is a Veterans Festival?

A platform that brings together Veterans, active military and their families in one place for comradery, and unity among others who can relate to their lives experiences and understand each other. Bring support, services, and resources to Veterans and their families through Visions Outreach, Inc. and Visions Institute to include: housing,  jobs, education, recovery family services, benefits and burial assistance. Fundraisers to support the continuation of scheduled and unscheduled programs, activities and events that support the overall sustainability of our Veterans and their families in the community.

VEST-FEST 2017 Sponsors